Can I use it whitout accessories? How many accessories can I use with?

Can I use it whitout accessories? How many accessories can I use with?

Yes, it can work without any accessories, depending on the test you wish to perform on the site.  The only test that it is not available without accessories would be the primary/secondary analysis (Ratio Test).   

The accessories available are 3 phases Rogowski coils rated at 2500A max (ST-3/FLEX-CT2500), Voltage Transducer rated at 600 Volts max (ST-3/PT600), and two interface adapters to use with the SensorLink® Amp LiteWire (ST-3/ALW) and Volt LiteWire (ST-3/VLW) for overhead (pole mounted) installations. 

The accessories are 15 ft long. Cable extensions are available for purchase. The extension cable is used when the primary CT or PT is far from the meter installation.

They are compatible with ST-3/FLEX-CT2500 and ST-3/PT600 accessory. 

When using one of these extensions on primary current or primary voltage accessory previously described, the performance of the accessory will be derated. 


The table below shows which installed accessory is needed or not for the supported tests. 

Power Quality 
CT Ratio/Phase
PT Ratio/Phase
CT Secondary Burden 
CT Accessory 
Not necessary
Not necessary
Not necessary 
PT Accessory 
Not necessary 
Not necessary
Not necessary 
Not necessary 

Spec Sheet: Download PDF
Manuel: Download PDF
Connection Guideline: Download PDF

Introduction Video: Watch Tutorial
ST-3/XT3 Overview: Watch Overview

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