Here's what you can do with the products offered by Probewell?

Here's what you can do with the products offered by Probewell?

Here's what you can do with the products offered by Probewell? 

Probewell manufactures and sells high accuracy measurement instruments for the electric power utilities. Our products are used for field testing on electric meters and electric sites. Journeymen, metermen or certified techniciens utilizes Probewell products for accuracy and specification validation on electric meter and sites. The diffrent tests would be perform as part of : 

  1. a quality assurance process, that may include or not a sampling or periodic program
  2. a billing validation or dispute, where cutomer witness may be required in same cases
  3. a meter exchange or meter upgrade program
  4. etc.
Probewell products are recognized for being highly portable and easy to use, an advance yet simple solution for everyday tasks. The socket type form factor allows numerous advantages. These ultralightweight products offer a quick and safe set up wihout compromising accuracy and advanced functionalities. 

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