Probewell Connect 2.0 | WT Series | Email Data formatting issue on iOS

Why do I lose the initial formatting of the data when I receive a report by e-mail on my iPhone.

Description of the problem :

For some iPhone users, running iOS 14.6 and above which are using Mail as their default email application, the data format used by the text report is no longer supported and as a result, the data loses its original formatting, which makes it difficult to read.

Solution :

To solve this problem, you can change the iPhone's default mail application to Outlook. (See the instructions below) 

How to switch the Default Mail app on your iPhone to Outlook: 

1. On your iPhone, open your phone settings

2. Scroll down and find Outlook


3. Tap on Outlook and then tap on Default Mail App


4. Change you Default Mail App to Outlook

5. Now go back to Settings/Mail

6. Tap on Default Mail App (Before it wasn’t there because the default app was Gmail)


7. Change the email default to Outlook

Your default mail application should now be Outlook, you may have to configure your Outlook email account.