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What is the Primary Secondary Analysis test?

Primary Secondary Analysis test 

What is the Primary Secondary Analysis test?
This test is to ensure that the ratio between the primary current or voltage and the secondary current or voltage are the same as indicated on the transformers being tested. It is performed with the accessories provided with the ST-3/XT3.

Example: if the name plate indicates 400:5 the nominal input current is 400 A and the output at the secondary is 5 A. For example, if the ST-3/XT3 reads a primary input current of 399 and an output at the secondary of 4.98A, this gives a ratio of 400:5.

The test can also give the phase relationship between the primary and secondary. 

How does it Work?
  1. The Primary/Secondary Analysis test performs transformer ratio analysis on the instrument transformers using the customer load.
  2. The secondary voltage or current reading is done directly at the meter base while the primary reading is done using the accessories.
  3. With both measurements, the real transformer ratio can be calculated and compared to the nameplate ratio.
  4. The test runs continuously until the user opts to stop it.

To execute this test, at least one accessory (CT or PT measurement accessory) must be connected to the front panel of the XT Series Tester

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